THE OBJECTIVE IS TO ESTABLISH TRUST AND CONFIDENCE, ENABLING OUR CLIENTS TO SUCCESSFULLY PURSUE THEIR BUSINESS VENTURES IN INDONESIA Nasoetion & Atyanto (N&A) is known as a young, energetic and ambitious legal boutique, and has established a corporate law practice in Jakarta, capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. We proudly present our history and track record, individually and jointly, detailing our qualifications and achievements.

Enterprising businessmen ready to invest abroad need legal counsel. This is true for a joint venture or when establishing a stand-alone enterprise. There are different laws and rules, along with uncertainties, in today's emerging markets. Different countries have unique legal systems. To navigate Indonesian executive summary corporate law requires skill, experience and intelligence. The investor and his legal counsel should be linked with a firm base of trust and intelligence. The law firm must be ready and able to establish and defend the interests of the investor. N&A can be of assistance to you and support your operations in Indonesia, handling corporate legal aspects, contracts and related issues. To date we managed a wide variety of legal aspects of business; we look toward to serving the interests of international and domestic clients